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Privacy Policy

  1. What we Collect from TriviaBot.

    (a) TriviaBot collects global statistics about the usage of various commands and features. For example, TriviaBot tracks how many times each command is used, in total, across all servers that have TriviaBot. These global statistics are anonymous and not linked back to any individual person or Discord server.

    (b) In the event of an error or detected malfunction, TriviaBot will save logs of the incident. These logs may include your server IDs and Discord account IDs. These are not names or tags, but unique identifiers for your account and/or server used by Discord. Additionally, these logs may include information about the game running, such as scores, the content of the question, and the username(s) of one or more of the game's participants.

    This data is collected for the investigation of possible or confirmed issues with the normal operation of TriviaBot. This information is only retained for the duration of any investigation into the error, and is deleted afterwards.

  2. (c) Self-hosted instances are not currently tracked in any way. As a result, none of the aforementioned information is collected on self-hosted instances of TriviaBot. Note that this may be subject to change in the future, but it will be done so with ample notice requiring manual intervention (Self-hosted instances do not auto-update and thus cannot be given this capability remotely)

  3. What We Collect from the Website ( This website uses Google Analytics to collect traffic, geolocation, traffic source, and realtime traffic information. The website uses cookies through the use of Google Analytics in order to collect this information.

  4. Why we Collect this Information. This information is collected for the same reason every other service claims to collect information for: To understand how and why you use the service in order to improve it. Data collected from TriviaBot is not sold or profited from in any way.

  5. Changes to this Policy. This policy is subject to change at any time. Any substantial changes to the way we collect data will be made with prior notice.

  6. How to Contact Us with Concerns. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, reach out on the support Discord or at