Discord integration for your 7 Days to Die server

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Engage your Players

7DTD-Discord is a Discord bridge bot for 7 Days to Die. It integrates your server's chat with Discord, allowing players to interact with the server from any device or location.

Install to Any System

7DTD-Discord works by connecting remotely to your server's admin console and monitoring it for chat messages. Messages are then relayed to and from the server using Discord.

You can install 7DTD-Discord on a separate system and configure it to connect to your server. The bot runs on any Windows, Linux, or Android system.

7DTD-Discord is powered by discord.js.


For bug reports, help installing, and feature requests:

You can join the official support server, contact me directly at contact@lakeys.net, or you can open an issue on GitHub. Pull requests are also accepted if you are a developer.