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CityRPG 4

January 4, 2020

Live, build, and thrive in a city made of blocks, inhabited by players like you.

CityRPG is a mod for the game Blockland that simulates the life of a blocky city. Each city is built, run, and populated by the players. It’s a sandbox-RPG-simulation blend with limitless potential.

Currently in development.

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November 20, 2017

TriviaBot is a Discord bot that adds multiplayer trivia games to any Discord server.

With over 4,000 questions and 24 categories, TriviaBot offers endless trivia fun.

Categories include Film, Television, Anime & Manga, Sports, Science & Nature, and more.

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7DTD Discord Integration

May 30, 2017

A NodeJS-powered bot that integrates the game '7 Days to Die' with Discord, an online chat app.

This gives users a way to communicate with in-game players from any device or location.

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February 24, 2017

A survival horror modification for Blockland. It introduces Render, a mysterious entity that haunts the game.

This project introduces unique AI as well as original sound effects and community-created models.

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Flappy Bird in Blockland

August 16, 2015

A recreation of the popular mobile game 'Flappy Bird' as a game-mode for Blockland.

Includes a dynamic leaderboard, a scoring system, and infinite looping pipes.

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